Battle of the Garnier BB Cream – Original vs Oil Free

Garnier BB Cream
The BB cream trend has really hit off, all skin tones of all ages swear by their favourite BB Cream. Everyone always asks me to explain BB creams in simple language, the best way of describing them is by saying they are meant to be a mixture of a tinted moisturiser and a light foundation, that covers all your imperfections and adds colour to your skin without the use of any other products. Garnier were one the first to launch their Miracle Skin Perfection BB cream, they have since launched different formulas for different skin types and it remains one of the best selling BB cream in the UK & Ireland. I recently picked up the Oil Free version as I have oily/combination skin and I have been trailing it against the original version to see what is the best Garnier BB cream on the market.
The Differences:
Both BB Creams contain a SPF but that is where the similarities end. The Original BB cream has a thick moisturising consistence and therefore is perfect for people with skin on the drier side of the spectrum. The oil-free bb cream is a very thin runny formula, it reminds me of a light foundation. They are so different it is hard to believe they are BB creams from the same brand. Even the colour is different,  I have both products in the shade “light” but the original is slightly darker than the oil free version. Below you can see the oil free formula on top and the original on the bottom.
Garnier BB Cream
Feel On The Skin
If you have drier skin you would benefit from the moisture the original provides, the oil free is much more drying on the skin and I find it clings to any dry patches that you could have on the skin. I recently had a cold and the area around my nose and under my eyes became extremely dry. Those areas were very noticeable when I was wearing the oil free BB cream while the original didn’t cling to those areas at all. However BB creams in general feel so light on your skin, it doesn’t feel like you are wearing makeup at all.
Garnier Oil Free BB Cream
The Downside
Sadly the oil free Garnier BB Cream broke my skin out quite badly when I first started using it. I was very excited when Garnier released this version but I’m extremely disappointed.  The smell reeks of alcohol and I’m afraid it is this ingredient my skin didn’t like very much. I continue to try and use it but without fail every time I use it my skin freaks out and I get the pesky breakouts. I thought I was the only one but most reviews I have read since buying it features the same problem so I think Garnier may have to re think the formula.
Garnier BB Cream
Who Wins?
The Garnier original formula wins by a mile very shockingly. When I first started this tried and tested review I thought the Oil Free would be my new holy grail but it is far from it. I find the original gives lovely coverage and it lasts most of the day once I powder. I don’t get too oily on the t-zone but I would have to top up my powder during the day just to get that extra bit of longevity. Clearly I can deal with the extra application of powder compared to the breakouts I get when wearing the oil free option. Below is a photo of me wearing the Original BB Cream.
Garnier BB Cream Review
BB Creams
I love BB creams for just adding that extra bit of colour while correcting your skin tone especially if you’re busy flying around doing errands and shopping on a lazy day. My favorite part of using a BB cream is the fact most of them provide a SPF in them too which is something that is very important to me. My preferred method of application of BB Cream is using my fingers and it makes the job even quicker, it only takes about a minute to apply them correctly and your then ready to fly out the door, they are also so handy for the hotter weather when you hate wearing makeup but you don’t want to scare people with the puffy bag monsters we like to carry under around our eyes. I do think picking a BB cream is like choosing a foundation, it is a personal thing and you have to try a few before you find the right one for you.
Garnier BB Cream
The Original Garnier BB Cream costs €9.33 and can be found online HERE
The Oil Free Garnier BB Cream costs €9.33 and can be found online HERE

9 thoughts on “Battle of the Garnier BB Cream – Original vs Oil Free

  1. I’m a big fan of the oil free one. I find the original BB cream doesn’t apply as smoothly on my skin and I end up looking patchy. Absolutely loving Garnier products at the moment though. I swear by their charcoal daily scrub – check it out if you haven’t already! Great blog by the way 🙂 X


  2. I love BB cream cz it gives me a bit of colour n corrects my skin but the first BB cream leaves my skin feeling with too much oil n my skin turns bronze n on the other hand the new oil free BB cream dries my skin n makes me look like a ghost…,,,, wat can I do


  3. I bought the oil free formula, after using the original BB cream and was sooo disappointed by the difference in colours – I use the medium shade and the oil free shade is so much lighter that I look a bit ghostly :/ not cool Garnier! Especially since we can’t test the product before purchasing


  4. I have been using my mothers BB cream for a while which was the original in shade medium although i am of a pale complexion so it was a bit dark for my skin although i put it on lightly and applied powder over the top, and i loved it so much although i do have fairly oily skin and finally went out to buy the lighter shade in the oil free and have tested it once and i love it on my skin, but i might have to try it a few more times to really see how it goes 🙂 thanks for the info! 😀


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