Transform Your Lashes & Brows At Home With Eylure Dylash

Eylure Dylash

I have the worst eyelashes in the world. My beautician says she loves them because I have so many but they remind me of elephant eyelashes. Of course being a redhead means they are so fair that it look like there are non existent. A couple of weeks ago I got my eyelash extensions back in with the lovely girls at the Lash Lounge Dundrum but before that I always had to tint my eyelashes to keep them black.

I picked up the Eylure Eyelash and Brow Dye Kit about 6 months ago now it’s still going strong. I picked it up in the colour black so it would be too dark for my eyebrows personally but it’s so simple and easy to use I tried it in my brows today just to show you the difference. The things I do for you lot eh?

Eylure Dylash
This promises dark lashes/brows for 45 days and up to 12 applications per pack. I don’t know if you get the full 45 days out of it but I could get up to 20 applications out of this pack, excellent value for money. The kit includes the Dylash Cream Colour, Activating Solution, mixer, mascara wand, skin protection pads and mixing dish.
20130628-053839 p.m..jpg
1. Protect the skin under your eyes by putting on the skin protection pads.
2. Place 1cm on the cream colour in the mixing dish.
3. Add 3 drops of Activation Solution to the mixing dish.
4. Mix thoroughly with the white stick provided until the mixture has a creamy consistency and does not drip.
5. Apply the mixture to your lashes/brows using the mascara want provided.
6. Close your eyes for 10-15 minutes depending on how dark you want to go.
7. Wipe off with a damp cotton pad.

It’s important to do a sensitivity test 48-72 hours before if you are not used to dying your lashes/brows.

20130629-093901 p.m..jpg
Today I dyed my bottom eyelashes and brows. I didn’t close my eyes as I didn’t want to get the dye on my eyelash extensions however when I dyed my lashes before my extensions I always closed my eyes for better results. I lost my eye protection pads so I use the dye without them and never had any reaction to my skin.

This kit is available in Black, Blue Black and Brown and is available in Boots, Superdrug and pharmacies nationwide for €10.75/£7.50.





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