The Newest Lip Trend On The Block – Glitter Lips


We all wish we could wake up with Kylie Jenner’s lips and no amount if Mac’s Soar lip liner is going to get us there but recently there is a new trend doing the rounds that I had to share with you guys and it is the glitter lip. No we haven’t gone back to the Spice Girl 90s when glitter was almost used as foundation but a subtle hint of glitter to enhance the lips is back with a bang.

Now before everyone heads out to Easons to get glitter capsules and lash them on your gob there is a product that is specially created for the job and promises to make you look glitter chic apposed to a drunk Katie Price.

Photo 03-03-2016, 1 03 35 p.m.

Inspired by Jessie J Glitter Lips comes in 8 shades for a variety of different skin tones and occasions. There is everything from the blackest black shade to a fab silver, the shade Ruby slippers is the most popular and would be fab for the Christmas period. The shade I have is Sparkling Rose and it is a gorgeous mixture of pink and red.


The kit comes with a bonding cream that you put on your dry lips, I advice you do one lip at a time. Once the gel goes clear you apply the glitter with the brush provided. If you want more of a defined lip you can apply a lip liner before the gel to get a clear line.


This stuff does not move throughout the night. It is waterproof and smoke proof meaning it is great for a night out on the town. It also doesn’t feel uncomfortable or in any way heavy on the lips.

Photo 03-03-2016, 1 13 53 p.m.


Natually because it is a glitter is it slightly drying on the lips but not half as much as a expected it to be especially since I have very dry lips to start with. I removed it with a cleansing oil and a lips scrub and it was unexpectedly very easy. Then I just applied my normal lip balm.

Photo 03-03-2016, 1 48 43 p.m.

With us heading into summer party season and St Patricks Day around the corner this is a must have to be in your makeup bag.

Glitter Lips can be bought exclusively in in Dublin you can find the Facebook Page HERE.

Laura Finnegan





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