The Frizzy Hair Saviour – 12 Week Blowdry

12 week blowdry

I heard so much about this 12 week blowdry for years now but never though it had a hope at taming my frizzy mess of hair and it was just too expensive to do for the sake of it. I eventually got it done last July and this week got it done for the 3rd time and wanted to share a full review with you.

I am lucky to have very thick hair, I know some girls have to pay for it so I do appreciate it but it does come with it’s own set of problems. My hair is naturally curly and extremely frizzy meaning styling my hair was just an utter nightmare. To make it look remotely normal I would have to blowdry it and straighten it at least twice and I could never get it as straight as I wanted.

Photo 26-03-2016, 4 25 07 p.m.
The shine from the 12 week blowdry


There is so many version of the so called “12 week blowdry” and I remember it coming out years ago to extremely mixed reviews. After some deep research I found Hair Quarters Balally and after some great advice from their amazing stylist Caroline I had to give it a go and now I wonder why I didn’t get it done earlier. The process from start to finish takes approx 2.5 hours depending of how much hair you have. The product used in Hair Quaters is a form of Keratin therapy called the Lisse Design Keratin Therapy Treatment. It is formaldehyde and paraben-free and conforms to international and European health standards, making it 100% safe for both us the clients and also the stylist doing your hair. The product penetrates the hair to repair it internally meaning although it is not a reconstructive treatment it is designed to replenish the hair. It contains Keratin to strengthen and collagen to calm frizz, smooth curls and enhance shine.

What is done during the process?

  • To start your hair is washed and blowdried straight.
  • The Keratin product is then applied to your hair.
  • Next you go under a standalone hair dryer so the product soaks into you hair heated.
  • Your hair is then left to breath for  few minutes.
  • The product is then washed out with specialised products.
  • Finally your hair is blowdried straight and then run over with a straightener to seal in and activate the product.
  • You can wash it at any time after however I usually leave it about a week before washing it at home.

There are very few downsides from getting it done, the only ones I found are very minimal. When you get it done you have to then use sulfate free hair products something I never used before but luckily enough the salon provide them there. Before never really cared what I threw into my hair but now I just have to be more aware with sulfates in products, it is just a matter of adjustment. After using the sulfate free products for nearly a full year I can actually see that things like my highlights are even lasting better so I would never go back. The only other downside would be the smell, funnily enough I never noticed the smell in the salon when I was getting it done but during the first wash at home is when I noticed it first. It just smells of chemicals really, not very bad but just slightly noticeable and I found after about the third wash it disappeared.

Photo 26-03-2016, 4 14 46 p.m.
Sulfate Free Products available at Hair Quarters

When I get it done I can happily let my hair naturally dry and roll into work. If I wanted it poker straight all I would have to do it is actually blowdry it but I never have to use the straightener anymore which is just amazing. It also lasts so well on me, I get at last 4 months out of it and I find the more I get it done the longer it lasts on me. You don’t have to have it straight all the time, you can curl your hair as normal but now you can have smooth curls instead of those dreaded frizz filled curls. My hair has never felt so soft and it just looks so healthy, no fizz, no dry ends and also none of those annoying flyaways. I honestly cannot recommend it enough, Hair Quarters is one of the nicest salons I have ever been to, it is so homely and welcoming by the whole team and Caroline is one of the most helpful and professional stylists I have ever met.

hair quaters
Hair Quarters Salon Dundrum

Hair Quarters is based at the Balally Luas Stop in Dundrum, you couldn’t get a more convenient location & you can get more information on their Facebook page here or by giving them a call on 01-298 9351.

Laura Finnegan


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