Be Mentally Healthy


To say I’m delighted to see the back of 2016 is a understatement, personally it was one of the toughest years I had to go through. Sometimes however you need to hit rock bottom to climb back up again. As I sit here and write this I am recovering from gastroenteritis and my dad (my hero) is still fighting for his life in ICU so not the best start to the new year but it can only get better right?

One of my most read blog posts was about my battle with depression and many of you still mail me asking to do an update/write more related posts about it. The truth is I’m not a mental health professional I can only tell you what I have/still am going through and what helps me. Many people are so judgemental on things on different routes of support and to be frankly honest everyone and their experience are completely different so what works for me may not work for you and what worked for me in the past is different to what works for me now, it’s all about you.

Although my depression has been gone for a while now about 6 months ago anxiety took over my life again and I actually didn’t even notice. My loved ones notices me becoming more reclusive and over worrying about the tiniest things, I’m one of those people that puts everyone before myself so its not really shocking I didn’t notice. Long story short I realised I needed to put myself first again and go back doing thing that helps my personal mental health.


This is my number one of all things when it comes to mental health. The biggest part of this is finding the right person for you. That counsellor is out there for everyone so if you are in any way struggling do not give up there is always someone out there to help. There are services for low income like Living Life which I will link here and of course the Samaritans  116 123 so money should never be a reason not to have support.

Loved Ones

As cheesy as it sounds a problem shared is a problem halved and in the last couple of months I have really realised the true benefit of having good friends. For me my friends are my family but the main thing is you need to be open with your loved ones and share what is going on in your head because they can’t help if they don’t know.



I am so busy it is not funny but sometimes we all need to get away from the craziness of everyday life even if you can only fit in a 30 min walk going around the block of the housing estate you live in, pop in your music and get some fresh air, it really clears the mind.


Sleep is key to mental health but at the moment but I’m even finding it hard to get those vital 8 hours. Main thing for me is getting a long soak in a relaxing bath, spraying some deep sleep pillow spray and popping on a podcast on my phone and then I’m gone.


This is something I haven’t been doing and it is downright disgraceful. I am finally now getting into a routine to which my dad is not in the house, he’s been in hospital over a month now, but now I’m dedicated eating 3 proper meals a day. It is so important because as I have realised it is one of the major things that can make you sick and then what good are you to anyone?

Mental health is a journey and sometimes you may feel like you have gone through so much you don’t know what to do anymore but you are here for a reason. You could be here because you have a friend that without you she wouldn’t be able to survive. Nobody knows why we are here but be have to take the best out of all bad situations we go through and continue on. It is a new year, let’s make 2017 our year!

Laura Finnegan


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